Weiser Environmental Ltd.

Site Assessment, Remediation, Reclamation, Vegetation and Weed Management

A Specialized Team Of Qualified, Trained, And Experienced Personnel

We Believe that good work starts with good relationships. We build honest and genuine relationships with our clients, and take pride in helping them to achieve their goals.

Who We Are

Weiser Environmental Ltd. is a steadily growing, 100% Indigenous owned company, located in Bentley, Alberta. We specialize in oil & gas reclamation, remediation and vegetation management services.

We have gained a reputation for quality workmanship, a commitment to safety and completion of projects both on time and under budget.

Although Weiser Environmental Ltd. is a relatively a new company, the experience within the company is extensive. Employees bring with them to every site 20 + years experience in dealing with all phases of projects from the initial pipeline and wellsite construction to the final reclamation.

Weiser Environmental Ltd. is currently working with Comply Works and Canada HSE to meet our customers requirements.

Weiser is registered with the SRP (Site Rehabilitation Program) and also registered with IBD (Indigenous Business Directory) both of these are with the Government of Canada.

About Us

Weiser is a leading company in the energy sector focusing on reclamation. It is proudly 100% Indigenous owned.

We are central Alberta based working with Oil & Gas companies to bring inactive well sites back to their natural pre-production state, with over 20 years experience.